Hoop Troupe Members

We are proud to present our Mad Tea Party Jam 6 Hoop Troupe!

These lovely ladies will be performing throughout the weekend and encouraging hoop play among patrons.

Caitlyn Harvey

Caitlyn fell in love with hooping six years ago when a beautiful Appalachian hoop dancer gifted her her first hoop. From that day on she continued to dance daily with her hoop, finding grace in her movements and strengthening her flow as she taught herself to hoop. Three years ago her hoop path took a new direction and she began performing at festivals and joined Yamni Arts for fire performances as well. Two years ago Caitlyn began teaching solo workshops at festivals, helping many hoopers find their own flow too! Caitlyn has a strong passion and love for live music, and especially hooping to live music. She is happy to be back performing with the hoop troupe for her 4th year now.

Jobeth Perdew

JoBeth has been passionately hooping for 10 years! She was so incredibly shy when she first picked up the hoop. Since that day, the journey hooping has taken her on has been nothing short of amazing! She has performed at a number of festivals including Delfest, Electric Forest, Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip and more! Nothing makes her heart smile more then teaching and sharing her passion with others!

Ahlee Dawson

Ahlee (Allie) is an east-coast based balance instructor, performer and fire dancer! Joining the flow scene about 5 years ago by incorporating a hoop first, she shares her passion for balance through Indo Board balance trainers. She began her career street-performing in Ocean City MD and has been almost entirely self taught for most of her performance career. Now, after a decade, Indo Boarding has evolved into Ahlee’s own specific performance-art and fitness vector: “As I have grown so has my relationship with the esoteric side of balance. Balance touches our lives in every aspect. It is the very fiber of existence.” “All acts of healing are ultimately ourselves healing our self.” Ram Dass

Ashley Jeannette

Ashley began her hooping journey a little over 4 years ago. Entranced by the beauty of expression through movement, she drew upon the lessons posted on YouTube and her hoop mama, Amy Hoopsalot, to hone into her skills. Since embarking on her journey, she has been a member of two fire troupes, Pyroglyphix & 5th Street Elements, and is overjoyed to be invited to perform on The Mad Tea Party Jam’s hoop troupe again. She plans on moving forward by motivating others to give hooping a chance to open their bodies and minds.

Alexandra Sunshine

Alexandra Sunshine has been experimenting with a variety of props for 4 years. She has grown to favor incorporating double mini hoops in her performance. Perfecting this has helped her experiment with more props like fire fans and poi. Dancing to live music is one of her passions.