Grey Area Productions is a full-service event promotions and production company. We strive to bring great national artists to the greater Pittsburgh area, as well as working with high-quality local acts to put them in front of audiences that will enjoy their music. We handle every aspect of shows from beginning to end, including booking, advertising and promotions, and day-of-show production and management. Our promotional efforts involve a robust street team, in-house graphic design, and a strong social media presence.
We are proud to have a huge promo team of live music fans that help us to spread the word about our shows and other great events. In addition to this, we also handle artist management for select artists.



We strive to deliver excellent products, at excellent prices! Our hassle free customer service is ‘Second to None’…….Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with all of your gardening needs.

If you’re an advanced grower or just starting out, we have all the equipment you need to maximize your yield and make this year’s crop the most successful! We carry complete hydroponic systems, grow lights, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, duct fans, CO2 generators, grow tents and much more. We can also order any specialty products and have them here right away. Whether you prefer to grow the old fashioned way with soil, or the most advanced way with Hydroponics, we have all the equipment that you will need! Our main goal is to provide our customers with the products they need, and the knowledge to further their experience!



The Brewstel is founded on that sense of adventure and a good, sustainable quality of life it can provide. We strive to balance the best products and services with the most mindful use of existing materials. Even the renovations on our building take into the account thoughtful reuse and a considerable amount of donated time and skills. Our mission, simply put, is:

“To provide natural and economically feasible ways to creatively enhance sustainable living with more natural consumption; by using traditional values with modern knowledge and technology to accommodate everyday living and travel.”




Custom Screen Printing & Embroidery
Band Merchandise & Marketing
Publicity & Social Media Management