Theme Camps and Activities

Do you have a group of friends who can create amazing camp sites? Want to come a day early and develop your campsite into something more? This year at MTPJ, we will be giving spots for groups to create a campsite made to shine! Come a day early to the festival and set up your amazing home base. We highly encourage a theme for each camp! Come and show off your creativity and imagination! Last year, Merptopia came and held a surprise daytime set with Manor & Friends, had lights rigs, and music all weekend. We wanna see what you can bring to the party!

Fill out the form below and send us your idea for a group campsite! To be eligible for a theme camp site, a $25 fee per person will be due upon Wednesday arrival, granting you access into Four Quarters and allowing you to build your site. Not all theme camps members have to arrive on Wednesday, only the build team. Tickets must be pre-purchased for people setting up the theme camp. Upon your arrival, you will meet with the team and we will help you find your perfect spot and help guide your direction. If you have musicians in your group, we highly encourage secret music sets and activities for people to come and check out your camp! The property at Four Quarters requires that everyone is registered by May 15th. Names submitted must appear on the submission form as they appear on your I.D.

Fill out the application HERE!

Scavenger Hunt
A list of scavenger hunt items will be given at the gate, turn in everything you could find Saturday at 4PM at Merptopia to win your prize!
Adult swim. – Friday 2PM-3:30PM
At the Hemlock Hole
Featuring a River Volleyball Game!
Bring your Pool floats, water gusher guns, frisbees , hoops. We’ll have a couple to play with, too!
Quidditch Match – Friday 12PM
At the field in front of the Cliffside stage – meet at the maypole
Rally up your team members and keep an eye out for the golden snitch
Mad Tea Party Prom – Saturday 6:30-7:30
At the pavilion
Ask your date to prom and wear your puffiest sleeves, get your picture taken with your date under the balloon arch and join in on the Cha Cha slide and other prom favorites!
Giving Tree
“A gift you leave will bring much joy
A small little trinket or doodad or toy
A gift then given to you
Because giving tree gives love that is true “
Bring goodies to leave at the giving tree!